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Published on 16 November 2015

The first overseas destination to have joined the Club Destination Groups of the National Network of Departmental Destination (Rn2D) was Reunion Island. It is no wonder, therefore, that Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) participated in a workshop which took place earlier this month in Brussels. This is the first time a workshop was held in the Belgian capital in order to promote Reunion Island in that market.

Reunion Island Tourism was active at the workshop of Club Destination Groups organized from November 2-4. For the first time, the workshop was held in Brussels in order to canvass the target group located in the Belgian market. In total, there were 44 agencies that responded to the invitation in order to get knowledge about Reunion Island.

On site, the IRT team met nearly a dozen group representatives at this workshop: associations, specialized agencies, MICE (Meetings Incentives Conferences Events) groups, clubs, and other players in the tourism sector of specialized groups, including:
  • LEVALLOIS DECOUVERTES (City Hall Association)
This association is one of the top ten customers Groups Club and is very active. Levallois Discovery wishes to represent Reunion Island and include it in their sales catalog for groups stays (quote request made for a stay in January 2017).
The association wishes to propose a program for Reunion Island in the future. With a program for the period 2016/2017 already established, the next meeting is scheduled for the 2018.
  • Mr. Jean GOESSENS (groups of tour operators and individual)
The tour operator has shown a strong interest in selling the destination (quote request for a stay in October/November 2016).
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philippe DOHET (individual)
The diversification of landscapes and different faces of Reunion Island, undeniable asset of the island, in particular aroused the interest of these tour operators (quote request made for a stay in October 2016).
  • Mr. Bels BART and Dirk BOONE (independent guides - group travel organizers)
The tourism potential of the destination meeting particularly interested these industry professionals who have expressed the wish to see the island built in the brochures of Belgian coach and thus offer their customers.

The objective of the IRT through this event: reinforce the positioning of Reunion Island as a destination for individual travelers, groups, and MICE operators, and the highlighting of products for local incoming agencies.

Remember that the IRT, adherent to Groups Club Rn2D since the month of July 2014, had already participated in the workshop which was held in Paris in October 2014 when Reunion Island was the only destination represented in this category. Today, this second participation in the meetings destination groups, IRT presented very satisfactory results and is in the prolongation of the tourism development strategy led to the target group. 

What is the Club Destination Groups Rn2D?

The Club Groups Rn2D pools the expertise of 48 departments for the promotion and marketing of offers to customer groups. To date, more than 8,000 groups have trusted this club. 

The clientele is mainly a French group with significant representation in city councils and associations and oriented towards the discovery of the heritage and cultural stays.

Note that on average a group booking is made up of 35 participants.

What are the strategic priorities of the Destination Club Groups Rn2D?

  1. Establish performance indicators, and tools of knowledge and understanding of the target group.
  2. Increase efficiency and adapt communication materials (print and web) through different media and actions (national booklet loyalty system) that will in particular help to develop the group stays to the destination meeting as well as the reputation of the club.