Sakifo Musik Festival: the unmissable musical event in the South of the island

© Kelechi Amadi Obi

Published on 19 April 2017

Keziah Jones © Kelechi Amadi Obi

Reunion Island is a land of exceptional landscapes, a land of amazing getaways, a land of remarkable ethnic diversity. It also offers visitors unique musical adventures, to be enjoyed to the limit.
As in previous years, the site at Ravine Blanche in Saint-Pierre, right by the sea, will resonate to the sound of music from all over the world during the:

14th edition of the Sakifo Musik Festival
which will take place on 2, 3 and 4 June 2017

The Sakifo* Musik Festival is a music festival which has been held every year since 2004 on Reunion Island.
This musical stage has become a landmark event in the Reunion Island musical and cultural scene. It's an opportunity for different musical worlds to come together. There will be music, more music and even more music, until 3am, in the ultimate festival atmosphere. 


The Sakifo Musik festival is a showcase of national and international artists.

(See the video below)


This unmissable event in the South of the island is the ultimate experience, offering three days of global music for thousands of festivalgoers.
The eclectic programme mixes international names with discoveries from Reunion Island. These artists will light up the stages and the star filled sky. They will get the crowd moving with their diverse and rhythmic sounds from a vibrant blend of pop, rock, electro, French ballads, blues, reggae, funk, maloya, sega and music from Africa and the Indian Ocean.
 DJs will be in the spotlight on the stages at Sakifo. Big names from the international DJing scene will play unforgettable dance sets all night long!
Every evening, an array of artists from various backgrounds covering all musical styles will take to the different stages. Let yourself be transported by the sounds of sega and the maloya. The Reunion Island musicians are guaranteed to get you going.
Here's what awaits you:

  • on Friday 2 June you'll be able to watch Birdy Nam Nam, Kery James and Tryo, a mixture of electro, rap and reggae. Inna de Yard – Baloji – Sawyer – Kaloune - Jojo Abot - Boutik Sauvage – Loya – Afrique 2000 – Killason – Nova Twins – Grèn Sémé – Ngaiire 
  • on Saturday 3 June you can see Georgio, Ray Phiri, Tiggs Da Author and listen to the sound of jazz, French rap and soul. Damian "Jr Gong" Marley – Pone – Petite Noir – Ray Phiri – Sax Machine – The Herbalise DJ Set feat Mysdiggi – Urban Phileas – Chevalien – Sibot x Toyota – Josefinn’ Austral View – French 79 – Uli Kunkel – Gadiembe Maloya – ST.OL.EN – Deltino Guerreiro – Boutik Sauvage
  • on Sunday 4 June Møme, Wax Trailor and Yak will share their passion for electro, hip-hop and rock. Patrice – Keziah Jones – Wax Tailor – Roni Size & Dynamite MC – Talisco – Oussanoussava (Risofé) – Colt Silvers – Mélanz Nasyon – General Elektriks – Tritonik – Rocky – Bongeziwe – Riske Zero – Do Moon – Dolores – Boutik Sauvage – Le Son du Bahut.
Unique opportunities for artists and spectators to mingle, musical discoveries, appearances by music professionals, VIP benefits, transfers, camping, good spicy food to keep you going - all this and more at this year's event, which promises to be a colourful experience!

With the music, the friendly, authentic, and exotic atmosphere, the passion and emotion, enjoy the ultimate "Sakifo" experience! 
Sakifo*: "Just the trick".
For more information: Sakifo Musik Festival
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