Spotted ! the first whales of the 2020 season

Baleines - IRT/Eric Lamblin (images d'archives)
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Published on 18 May 2020

The first whales of the season were spotted off Reunion Island coast on Saturday 16 may.

As winter starts, the humpback whales migrate to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. According to Globice Reunion, they were first seen in Saint Leu at Cape Lahoussaye in the west and Grand Anse  south of the island.

Reunion Island is one of the most amazing areas to observe these marine mammals in their natural habitat. Viewing of these whales is strictly monitored within the frame of a charter that promotes a responsible and respectful approach. It is possible to witness the sea giants dancing their majestic ballet while respecting the environment and marine life.

The observation teams have noticed an increasing number of humpback whales close to the Reunion coastline. Having swum all the way from Antarctica, they settle in the quiet and peaceful waters of Reunion Island, a safe space where they can be admired for their displays. You will be charmed by their majesty as they arrive every year to give birth to their calves between May and October. You can spot mother and calf swimming in perfect harmony to the delight of all.