Surf’s upon on Reunion Island

Jeremy Flores © Federation Française de Surf

Published on 19 February 2016

After a long nearly 3-year hiatus, surf is finally up on Reunion Island. Tourists and the people of Reunion Island alike will enjoy the comeback of surfing competitions when the first one in a long time takes place this weekend.

Islanders and tourists who visit the Boucan Canot and Roches Noires beaches this weekend will be able to witness after a long time of waiting, a surfing competition on Reunion Island. Hope prevailed among the surfing fraternity for a long time to see such an event return to the Reunion Island beaches. Emotions and thrills will mark the weekend among those who are facing the big blue waves on Saturday, February 20 and Sunday, February 21.

This surfing competition for the young, less than fourteen years of age, will take place in the presence of Jeremy Flores, the French top-ranked number one surfer, also the number eight ranked in the world, and former 2009 world champion of surfing. After spending much time in the water with his childhood friends, he will relive a special moment this weekend.

The surf local champion, Johanne Defay, Honorary Tourism Ambassador of Reunion Island, will also be present.

Upon arrival at his home island, Jeremy Flores, together with sponsors of the event, has already ridden the waves, just to practice before the big day. The young world champion will demonstrate more slippery moves in the warm, turquoise waters of the Indian ocean, before he flies to Australia for major challenges.
The French Surfing Federation, the Reunion Surf League, the municipality of Saint-Paul, Patrick Flores and Jeremy Flores, the Radical Surf Club, and various partners, wanted to offer surfers a secure event on the famous spots of Saint-Gilles (the choice of the spot depends on the swell from the open ocean).

Since the installation of shark nets, in addition to the shark lookout device, surfing was reactivated when it resumed in December in Boucan Canot and in February at the Roches Noires. The island's swimmers and surfers now taste the joys of renewed water sports. All water activities are allowed inside the perimeter of the anti-shark safety net: surfing, water skiing, boogie boarding, and kayaking.

Today, the party will be big and beautiful. Surfers - amateurs and professionals, young, famous, mythical, and fabulous - all are invited to conquer the new wave (the spots will be reserved for competitions only for 3 hours). This event is the first since July 2013. It will be attended by the surf club association of Reunion, and in attendance will be Patrick Flores, national coach of France surf teams, Jeremy's father.

The "Nou Larg Pa" program

Saturday, February 20
  • from 1 pm: Tag team, relay team of 8 people. 12 teams maximum. The competition is open to all media: surfing, boogie boarding, stand up paddle ... Each team must imperatively include a young age of 14, an "old" for over 50 years, and a girl.
  • from 6 pm: concert on the Esplanade des Roches Noires.

Sunday, February 21
  • from 1 pm: surfing competition for under 14, limited to 35 seats; Expression session bodyboard age of 14, limited to 12 places.

Practical information
  • FFS compulsory license
  • free registration
  • lots: a surfboard to the four finalists in surfing and a bodyboard for the winner in bodyboarding