The Electropicales #7: Return on a rainy but happy festival on Reunion Island!

© Electropicales

Published on 26 May 2015

Spread over several days from Wednesday until Saturday, the opening show was performed by Isautier in front of the old city hall of Saint-Denis, Reunion Island's capital city. Over 600 people attended performances of Loya Project, Mehmet Aslan, and Mawimbi presents Pouvoir Magic which followed the introduction by Francis Wolff.
The next day was dedicated to “clubbing” at the bar Pot'irons, and the dancefloor literally burst at the seams when over 700 people crammed the floor to shake it to the tunes of Ankytrixx, Zandrine, and Lord2K. In between, Kinta performed show dances to the approval from the crowd.
Champ Fleuri was the venue then on Friday night, again bringing the crowds out in force as this night was to be the main event of the festival. 

Festival-goers were able to discover the sweet mixture of French chanson alongside the electronic production of Coucher of Söleil, which offered the spectators a strange and mesmerizing live performance. The South African DJ Nozinja, accompanied by his dancers, also had the crowds shaking to his tunes before giving way to the Chicago ghetto house version of Don Rimini. 

The Jamaican Block dedicated to reggae sound systems confirmed that it had naturally found its place and its audience, the set of Mad Professor feat. Joe Arriwa was the must of the party! In the meantime, a veritable five-hour music session was launched on Cathedral Square which had hosted the Electropicales before with performances by So Watt, Psychorigid, Csysz, Boogie, and Fluidz.
The final festival night on Saturday was then an all-out party with the crowds dancing to the tunes wherever there was space. 

The public could enjoy a mix of local scientist discoveries with an ethno-hippie atmosphere distilled by Barbee and international names with the psychedelic electro pop duo led by Pachanga Boys. The Mauritian DJ Avneesh, came with a complete electro performance from the Indian Ocean, plus the American, Svengalisghost, who spearheaded the new scene of Chicago and who issued his sets to maximalist dimension and explosive groove. All this, as before, was covered by a mapping concocted by the Genevese of Studio Corium. In addition, the spectators saw and heard from the Jamaican Block, up to the electro coming from Mayotte with Doujah Sound, from Scotland with Mungo's Hifi, and local with O'Fischa Sound System feat. Mighty Lion rocked low with their good vibes, not to mention the two operators of the most famous French sound systems Lord Zeljko and historical flood of Dubplates.
The Electrocity scene of Cathedral Square had been invested by the nuances between house and techno from Reunion Island with J -Zeus and DJ Spoko, the South African inventor of Bacardi house. 
On the side of the Silent Green Room which has appeared this year, the festival and dancers performed in silence, already a spectacle in itself! Fifty headsets were available to listen to the mixes of Franck Becker, Konsöle, Tine Pitch, Galactic Funk, Valentin Jolicoeur, Mad, Breadman, and allowed fans of electro to dance silently with headphones on, before perhaps removing them for few moments to talk to a neighbor, or pass the headset to a comrade passing by.
Finally, also on Saturday, the first edition of Electrokids was a great success. The free workshops for young people were a complete success and raised added interest for future festivals.
Even though the rain invited itself to the festival, there were happy festival goers and images of dancers who did their thing nevertheless on the giant dancefloor of Electropicales #7.

Even the Pachanga Boys failed to resist the ultimate temptation and interpreted Time, a title that both artists play only very rarely and only when an actual connection is made with the public which essentially says it is all about the electric atmosphere of Les Electropiales!
Even a team from Radio Nova made the trip to broadcast the atmosphere of this multi-faceted festival program with seven hours of live music and interviews.

Covering the event was the French magazine Tsugi and the Mail & Guardian from South Africa which also came to have a closer look and highlight the Festival Electropicales to their readers at home.

See you next year for the 8th Festival Electropicales!