The Grand Raid: 25 years of madness!

Grand Raid 2017

Published on 12 October 2017

The Grand Raid is part of an international sporting initiative, when several thousand participants from all four corners of the world come to Reunion Island. An iconic race with an international reputation - the Grand Raid is the tenth and last stage of the Ultra-Trail World Tour! This individual and collective human adventure is an opportunity for competitors to test their limits and compete against other athletes.

The 2017 edition of the Grand Raid promises to be as exciting as ever. For the 25th anniversary more than 6,400 competitors will give it their all to reach La Redoute Stadium on 22 October. Nearly fifty countries are represented by the trail runners, in all the races combined. Runners who come from the four corners of the globe to push themselves to the limit on this final stage of the Ultra-Trail World Tour. More than 30% of the runners in the Grand Raid are foreign: which just goes to show the appeal of this ultimate experience far beyond the island!
As a partner of the Grand Raid, Reunion Island Tourism Board (IRT), in its role promoting Reunion as a destination to foreign markets, has organised a press trip for French (SFR Sport, TV Trek HD, France 2, Stade 2 and L'équipe Adrénaline) and Belgian (RTBF) media. Ostensibly there to watch the race and report on it, the journalist from L'équipe Adrénaline is taking it one step further. He's going to run the 165 kilometres of the Diagonale des Fous to completely immerse himself in the event.

The 2017 edition of the Diagonale des Fous will start at Ravine Blanche in Saint-Pierre, in the south of the island, on Thursday 19 October. The runners will enjoy the ultimate experience as they cross from one side of the island to the other to reach La Redoute Stadium in the north no later than the Sunday 22 October. The trail runners will have to negotiate the island's steep landscape on this 165 kilometres route with an elevation gain of more than 9,500 metres. Welcome to this Crazy world!
The Trail de Bourbon will start on 20 October. To reach the end of the second race in the Grand Raid, the trail runners will have to cover 111 kilometres with an elevation gain of 6,430 metres.The Trail de Bourbon will start in the cirque of Cilaos, cross the cirque of Mafate to join the route of the Diagonale des Fous at Roche Plate school, before heading to La Redoute Stadium in Saint-Denis.
La Mascareignes - 65 kilometres with an elevation gain of 3,500 - will start in Grand Îlet, in the cirque of Salazie, on 20 October. The route of this race will pass through the cirques of Salazie and Mafate, then along the coast via La Possession, Grande Chaloupe and Colorado Park before reaching the finish line at La Redoute Stadium.
For the first time this year there is a fourth race: Zembrocal TrailThis race in three stages is 186 kilometres long with an elevation gain of nearly 10,500 metres! The Zembrocal Trail will start on Thursday 19 October from Domain Vidot in Montvert-les-Hauts and finish at La Redoute Stadium on 22 October at the latest. The route of this new race will pass near the volcano.
For 10 years now Canal Grand Raid has been taking you to the heart of the action. From 19 to 22 October Canal Grand Raid will be broadcasting the event live on channel 19.This exceptional service set up specially for the occasion means there's no excuse to miss any of the Grand Raid 2017 races.

Participants in the 2017 race

Number of registrants by country of residence at the Grand Raid 2017:

Afghanistan : 1
Afrique du Sud : 16
Allemagne : 14
Angleterre : 11
Argentine : 5
Australie : 5
Belgique : 26
Brésil : 2
Cambodge : 1
Canada : 3
Chine : 20
Croatie : 1
Danemark : 2
Djibouti : 1
Ecosse : 1
Espagne : 19
Etats-Unis :
France métropolitaine : 1.662
Guadeloupe : 10
Guyane Française : 4
Hong Kong : 10
Inde : 3
Islande : 6
Israël : 4
Italie : 13
Japon : 24
La Réunion : 4.296
Lettonie :
Luxembourg : 14
Madagascar : 1
Mali : 1
Martinique : 13
Maurice : 51
Mayotte : 59
Mexique : 1
Népal : 1
Norvège : 3
Nouvelle-Calédonie : 7
Nouvelle-Zélande : 3
Pays Bas : 5
Pologne : 4
Polynésie française : 2
Portugal : 3
République Tchèque : 1
Russie : 2
Sénégal : 1
Singapour : 2
Slovénie : 3
Suède : 5
Suisse : 53
Taïwan : 1

TOTAL = 6.401 participants