Top French athletes come to Reunion Island for training in the sun

Renaud Lavillenie #gotoreunion
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Published on 10 December 2015

The French athlete, Renaud Lavillenie, arrived on the island on November 30 for the seventh consecutive year to train with the France team in pole vault under the sun of the Southern Hemisphere. 

Last weekend, the athletes also gave the Reunion Island residents a show on the Boucan Canot beach with a demonstration of their skills in their chosen discipline.

Renaud Lavillenie is a French champion but also holder of the world pole vault (6.16 m), and was elected France's Athlete of the Year in 2014. He was made ambassador of honor for Reunion Island. 

This is the seventh consecutive time that the champion, with his teammates from the team of France, traveled to Reunion Island during the southern summer. This period is thought to be most conducive to the preparations to train before launching the 2016 season. 

For him, in his own words, “the climate here is very interesting […]; in Reunion, one is at home [as in] in France. It was found a good recipe here, and that's why we keep coming back.” 

Beyond the training regime, Renaud Lavillenie and the team of France in the pole vault also gave a demonstration of the sport on the white sand beach Boucan-Canot last weekend. 

The event entitled “Boucan Perche" brought together the best French pole vaulters. Those athletics enthusiasts present were rewarded as they were able to admire the technique of champions who performed their pole vaults on the sand facing the Indian Ocean.