Top French food show in Reunion Island

La Tournee des Popotes
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Published on 04 June 2015

Chef Gregory Cuilleron returned for the start of the second season of the popular cooking show La Tournee des Popotes, which highlights culinary delights from around the world. The show features every Thursday night on prime time TV in France, and Reunion Island appreciates to be chosen as a venue, and the first for that matter for the new season.

It is the blend of food and spices which has made the island famous, an intricate mix of many ethnic styles of cooking dishes and flavoring them to set the taste buds alight.

Throughout his visit to Reunion Island, Gregory Cuilleron discovered yet more of the traditional recipes of the island, but also typical and sometimes surprising produce used by the people of the island. Between the beaches and the mountains, he learned the essence of Reunion Island's recipes alongside Alexander, a young and talented local chef who shared his best creations with him. This was a prime opportunity to discover local products and recipes that are hallmarks of the cuisine of the island: the popular rougail sausages, lychees and pineapples, local teas, and the beneficial properties of locally grown tumeric. La Tournee des Popotes on Reunion Island presents viewers with gourmet menus. At the end of stay, Gregory Cuilleron prepared a surprise meal for his guide and the people he met, by concocting a new menu, a mouthwatering recipe made by a fusion of cuisines from two French regions that will not leave anyone's taste buds wanting.