Tourism scooter on the loose on Reunion Island

ITO West's new scooter

Published on 04 December 2015

On Wednesday this week, the Inter-communal Tourist Office (ITO) West inaugurated its new mobile information kiosk in the form of a scooter. By mid-December, tourism consultants from the regional ITO West will crisscross the roads of their district to meet tourists in markets, along the beaches, and in places of interest.

With access to information facilitated by the instant Internet connectivity, physical visits to the island's tourist information offices have reduced by half in recent years. With this in mind, the Western tourism office has decided to instead go out to meet tourists in this original and unusual way by using a branded scooter.

Specially designed for the purpose, the new roaming information office is aiming to better facilitate and inform travelers by going to meet them outside their hotels and resorts. Designed as a tricycle, the scooter is an eye-catching and yet functional tool with a reception counter, brochure holders, and access to the West OTI's website, in particular the online booking service. Branded in the colors of the OTI West tourism information office, the scooter cannot be mistaken for anything else but a mobile tourism information office. Staff will travel to and through the open market of St. Paul every Friday from mid -December onwards. The mobile office will also be present at major events which take place in this part of Reunion Island and along the beaches of the west coast of the island.