Visiting Reunion Island - there is no time like the present

Here comes the summer - © Jerome Martino
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Published on 17 December 2015

Escape the winter chill and visit Reunion Island
In the southern hemisphere, summer is in full swing at this time of the year, especially on Reunion Island, a French region deep in the Indian Ocean, while on the mainland, winter is spreading with cold and rain. 

Anyone need some sun and warmth in this winter season? Anyone want to relax

Do not hesitate, Reunion Island invites you to spend a dream holiday in the sun of the Indian Ocean. When the winter chill is currently in the northern hemisphere, from the month of November, it is summer on Reunion Island until next April when spring returns, as there never is a winter on this island.

With a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius on average at the coast, the Reunion Island summer is the way to achieve well-being and for visitors to gently recharge their batteries. 

The beaches of Reunion Island are undoubtedly the essential places to go to during this European winter season. Summer on Reunion Island is the perfect time to take a good sun bath and relax in the turquoise waters of the lagoons and ocean, with temperatures ranging from 27-29 degrees Celsius. 

The warm rays of the sun invite visitors to relax on the beaches in the warm sand while enjoying an exceptional setting for relaxation and is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

For fans of whitewater, the rivers and their waterfalls surely invigorate to refresh any traveler’s senses. 

Many water sports can be practiced from the golden or black sand beaches of the island which border the coastline.
On the west coast, the sunniest of Reunion Island, the Boucan Canot Beach is renowned as among the most beautiful on the island. More recently secured with shark nets, this particular favorite of locals and visitors is now totally safe. This golden sand beach opens the doors of the Indian Ocean for fans of water sports, like stand-up paddling, surfing, boogie boarding, kayaking in transparent boats, swimming, snorkeling, and dolphin and whale watching while in season. Reunion island is a true blue paradise!