Exploring the river and the sea

Aquatic hike and Mega-paddle board in the South
  • Intensely Adventurous
  • The south coast
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Meet Christophe

A fulfilling and unforgettable experience which starts in the heart of a natural water park and ends on the sea, on a unique and original boat!

Reunion Island is

A land of adventure.

Your perfect day

Parachuting in the morning with friends after a quick flight over Piton des Neiges, then greeting customers with a coffee together and canyoning in the Langevin, ending up at the lagoon on a mega paddle board with a sundowner.

Your favourite place

The hidden pools of the Langevin.

Your passion 

Life, my job, parachuting, kayaking and whitewater sports.

Your favourite dish

Shrimp curry at Chez Mallet and my mum’s paella come joint first.

Your favourite dish

U2, Birdy Nam Nam , Salvator Dali.

The sky is cloudy but Christophe is smiling when he greets me with a coffee in his hand in the south of the island, in Saint-Joseph: “It’s going to be a perfect day!”. With his good mood, it’s impossible not to trust him – and for good reason! Our small group is spending the whole day with him on the water, from the Langevin river to the jetty at Terre Sainte: we’re going to get wet!  Canyoning in the Langevin: a sensory and sensational experience!



Before we begin, Christophe quickly explains the principle and the schedule for this morning: we’re going to climb the river which is also known as the Lava River, alternating between walking right through it, slides and waterfall jumps (all optional). Along the way we will discover natural pools and caves created by the lava. In short, it’s going to be full on and rewarding.

Young and old alike, we’re all excited, even though some of us are wondering, right now, what temperature the water will be. Finally, after some instructions and wearing thick wetsuits, everyone gets into the water for the first time with no problem. The atmosphere is fantastic. It’s the start of a unique adventure in the heart of this natural water park, a gem in the south of Reunion.

The water in the river is more than translucent: it’s a sparkling azure blue. The reflection of the sunrays (Christophe was indeed right!) and the way they bounce off the bottom of the various natural pools into which we gradually emerge make the experience magical. By suggesting that we go up the river rather down it and pointing out the numerous caves formed by lava along the way, we feel like we’re alone in this unique playground: a luxury.

The activity ends with the highlight of the show: we end up at the foot of the majestic Grand Galet waterfall, one of the most iconic on Reunion, for a relaxation session to the sound of the falling water. Magical!

Typical lunch and a mega paddle board on the sea: good times and laughs guaranteed.



 After this thrill-filled morning, Christophe suggests that we go for lunch together in a typical Creole restaurant, by the side of the Langevin river. A good opportunity to share the experience that we have just enjoyed and taste some of the island’s delicious typical dishes together. We chat in a warm, friendly atmosphere and take the opportunity to unwind too before starting the second activity of the day, on the sea this time: the mega paddle board!

At the end of the afternoon, we join Christophe again in the heart of the typical fishing port, on the jetty at Terre Sainte.

In the shade of the huge sacred Banyan trees, by the sea, our small group settles down to listen to Christophe’s instructions. The mega paddle board definitely lives up to its name with its outsize dimensions: more than 5 metres long and 1.50 metres wide. We quickly get the hang of it and all 6 of us are soon on the huge board, paddle in hand, exploring the authentic port of Terre Sainte.


Christophe knows the area like the back of his hand and in a few paddle strokes we are enjoying a stunning panoramic view of this authentic fishing village. We very quickly discover that the mega paddle is a great team building exercise and we’re all in fits of laughter: we definitely don’t have the same balance on the sea!

With its dimensions, the mega paddle causes quite a stir and passersby are quick to greet us from the shore. In the distance, the sun goes down toward the horizon, the light gets softer and bathes everything in soft colours. We head back to the beach and watch the sunset as we all enjoy a drink together with Christophe.

A sensation-filled day, enjoyed with friends or family.

A fulfilling experience combining a whitewater activity with discovering an unusual activity on the sea.

A subtle mix of emotions, adrenaline, magnificent landscapes, geological and cultural discoveries.