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A relaxing mooving at the lagoon
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angelique_c_yoga2_-_credits_irtla_petite_creole.jpgAngelique C Yoga2 Credits Irtla Petite Creole.jpgAngelique C Yoga2 Credits Irtla Petite Creole.jpg
Meet Angélique, Thibault and Lucas

Who are waiting for you on L’Hermitage beach for a total wellness morning. On the programme, a yoga class and healthy snacks, made from local products.

Reunion Island is

The family. Finding yourself, self discovery.

Your perfect day

Doing yoga, eating healthily, enjoying the treasures of Reunion Island and finish the day with friends.

Your favourite place

Langevin river, the top of Dolomieu, Maido and Manapany.

Your passion

Yoga. Music.

Your favourite dish

Anything made from avocado or local greens. Mozzarella and tomatoes, and a tasty rib steak.

Your favourite artist

John Meyer. Oxmo Puccino and Murakami.

Food for the body and the soul.

The sun is already high when I put my towel down on L’Hermitage beach, not far from the Bénitier Rondavelle snack bar. This time, I’m not here for sunbathing, but to try a new experience: a yoga class in front of the lagoon. While the students arrive one by one, I get to know Angélique, our

With her soft voice, she tells me her story. That of a young woman from Reunion who discovered yoga in Australia, ten years ago, and whodecided
to teach this discipline, to make its benefits known to as many people as possible. After Australia, Angélique taught yoga classes in Sri Lanka for
two years, then, she wanted to come back to her native island. “It was a massive challenge to start these classes on the beach, not knowing
whether I was going to have even one student, she remembers. But look at where I work, it’s paradise, isn’t it?” I can only agree: Angélique’s office is something I think we all dream of!


Listening to your body

9am: the last students arrive and the class can begin. The session begins with a breathing exercise. “Breathing is something that we do naturally,
but if you are present during this breathing exercise, you will feel all the energy and wellness that it can provide. Breathing helps to stretch yourbody from the inside”, Angélique explains to us, to guide us. While I focus on my breath, with my eyes closed, I start to feel the slightest movements every time I breathe in, and to feel that my muscles relax a bit more every time I breathe out.

After this moment of silence, with only the lapping of the waves, we start to string the poses together, very gently. Downward dog, cobra, child’s
pose, plank, balancing: thanks to the help of Angélique, who corrects me when my position is wrong, I am able to string the exercises together.
When my muscles start to pull and I want to let go, I raise my eyes toward the lagoon. It’s so beautiful that I forget I’m in the middle of doing
The class ends with some meditation. With my eyes closed, I focus on my feelings. I feel the sea breeze on my skin and I hear it making the filao palms dance. I feel rested yet full of energy.


A healthy, 100% local snack to help us refuel

To help us refuel, I make my way to Fr8té, Thibault and Lucas’ colourful food-truck. Food trucks are part of the landscape on Reunion: what a joy to eat at this little restaurant on wheels, right on the beach! In a friendly atmosphere we discover the delicacies that the two friends have prepared for us. “We like to work with local products in our own way. Today, we have strawberries, which come from Plaine des Palmistes, but when they’re in season, we’ll definitely be using lychees or guavas“, explains Lucas. I let myself be tempted by the loquats, those yellow fruits that are bit like apricots, I taste the papaya cereal bar and I can’t resist the brownie: it’s packed with chocolate and melts in the mouth! It’s all delicious. Angélique, who has joined us, drizzles her cereals with honey from Saint-Leu. We drink to this revitalising morning, with a home made juice, obviously! Before going back to the beach, I make sure I take a look at Fr8té’s menu which also offers hot dishes with Mediterranean influences for lunch. I could be very tempted, after a swim in the lagoon!


Zarlor, the treasures of the West coast. Package of activities from the Western Tourist Office.

A Vinyasa yoga class in a little corner of paradise.

Healthy, gourmet snacks, which mean I can discover local products. 

A chance to meet other people on one of the island’s most beautiful beaches.