Dalleau Didier

Diving ,  Hiking at Saint-Joseph

  • Between Volcano and Ocean...

    Didier Dalleau, a Creole guide, offers to help visitors discover the island of La Réunion through hiking and/or diving. Whether underwater or on the surface of this volcanic island, shared experiences and discoveries are guaranteed. Examples include: - ""Côté Volcan"" (By the Volcano):
    ""Volcanisme hors-enclos"" (Extensive Vulcanism): a trip that combines walking with the discovery of unusual sites in the Wild South region.
    ""La Fournaise autrement"" (Alternative View of La Fournaise): a walking trip allowing for the observation of different sites as an aid to understanding the creation of this constantly evolving edifice...
    - ""Coté Océan"" (By the Ocean):
    Introduction to diving and diving courses: an underwater view of the submerged parts of the island.
    Discovery tour of around 2 hours on the reef formation and the coastline relief on the west coast.
    Area covered: entire island.
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