Enjoy Tourisme Réunion

Guided tour at Saint-Pierre

  • Do you want to hear all about the history of the island's settlers and the origins of the Saint-Pierre region?

    Enjoy Tourisme Réunion explains the events that shaped the island, its landscapes and its language. Reunion Island has been populated for little over 300 years yet already has a complete identity. Enjoy Tourisme Réunion offers guided tours with a walk through the most beautiful areas of Saint-Pierre to help you understand the island.
    Rivière d'Abord, an historic area of Saint-Pierre with a natural estuary offers visitors one of the most authentic landscapes on the island. It has changed very little since the south of the island was first settled. This tour will help you discover hidden traces of the island's history and local legends.
    Père Lafosse Cemetery in Gol in Saint-Louis is known to be a cemetery for slaves. Four such cemeteries are identified in the oral tradition and the one in Gol is the only one that is still maintained.
    On the guided tour you will discover the history of cemeteries on Reunion Island as well as the history of this cultural and mythical place, these symbols and stories.
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