Discover the underwater fauna and flora at Saint-pierre

  • Created in 2001, Globice (Groupe Local d'Observation and d'Identification des Cétacés) is exclusively devoted to the study and conservation of cetacean mammals around La Réunion. Globice is a member of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) and is an accredited Association for Environmental Protection. The association numbers some hundred volunteer members, its main objectives being to study La Réunion’s cetacean population, train tourism professionals, raise awareness among the general public with regard to protection of cetaceans and the marine milieu, develop regional partnerships for conservation of cetaceans in the Indian Ocean, and ensure coordination of the stranding network on La Réunion. Various research programmes have been developed in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, including on biodiversity, the Indo-Pacific dolphin, the humpback whale and the cachalot. In its efforts to raise awareness among schoolchildren and the public at large, the association gives lectures, and talks to schools, has its own stand at public events and holds exhibitions.
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