Blows of the heart

Bird watching, diversity & naturalism

Travel "intelligent" by opting for eco-friendly tourism.

"Réunion Ecotourisme" is an agency that stands for environmental awareness.

It guarantees:
- a discovery of Reunion Island with specialised guides and comprehensive information on "Pitons, cirques and ramparts" (UNESCO).
- a limited impact of your holiday on the environment (groups of maximum 5 to 10 people, local products, no littering during hikes...).
- a compensation for the carbon emission of your tour with Action Carbone.
- the funding of environmental protection associations.
- tours respectful of the small local economy (accommodation in gîtes, bed and breakfast, local guides).
- 24/7 support by a local guide who will share with you the passion for his island.

Below, a sample of the holiday offers from this agency.


In the heart of the conservation area – 10days/9nights

Discover the birds of Reunion Island on the bird watching tour. You will be able to observe passerines endemic to the island, such as the Réunion cuckooshrike, seabirds, exotic species, with specialised guides who strive for the preservation of local birdlife. On the agenda: a visit to the Museum of Natural History and the discovery of seabirds, migratory birds and exotic species.


Reunion Island, a preserved natural gem – 12days/11nights

The "Eco-tourism" tour combines the discovery of unspoilt nature, included in the World Heritage List, with an understanding of the island's cultural diversity. The emphasis lies on the quality of the information provided by guides in order to fully understand what makes Reunion Island so special.
On the agenda: a hike to the Volcano, "le Piton de la Fournaise", a hike in the cirque of Mafate, the Reunion of Religions (visit to a Hindu temple, Chinese pagoda and mosque), an evening barbecue on the beach with a group of "Moringue" (kind of native Capoeira), the discovery of the waterfalls and basins of the rivers in the East, a visit to a vanilla plantation, an evening of Creole tales, a hike to "Trou de Fer"..., the discovery of the forest in "la Pandanaie" (with endangered species).


Biodiversity hotspot - 10days/9nights

The "Naturalistic" tour, scientifically oriented, addresses amateur or professional naturalists who seek to develop their knowledge of the island's characteristics and understand the specific challenges associated with the conservation of natural habitats and species.
On the agenda: a snorkel tour, the discovery of the fauna and flora of a pond, seabirds, the Life+Corexrun project, a restoration program, the Botanic Garden of Reunion Island, cetaceans or the coral universe.

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