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An encounter with marine biodiversity
écotourisme marin

Reunion is one of the hot spots of biodiversity in the world.

On the very first day, the ecotourism route takes you to a high quality establishment that’s charming and in a leafy green setting just a few metres from the beach for the night. For accommodation, we would suggest: in the west, la Closerie du Lagon or the Senteur Vanille cottage set in an eight hectare mango tree enclosure – a delightful villa that’s a blend of wood, stone and old objects.     

On the second day, head for the reef and spend around two hours with a guide learning about the formation of the reefs and the contours of the coast from Cap La Houssaye to Cap Homard.

Then transfer to the Ermitage Beach where a Natural Marine Reserve leader will welcome you for a chat and explain the role of the Reserve as well as telling you about just how fragile the environment is – an environment that is teeming with richness.

Lunch is served!  And today you’ll enjoy a typically Creole lunch at La Marmite restaurant, feasting on a delicious curry cooked over a wood fire.  After lunch, enjoy the opportunity to relax and this time feast your eyes on the fish at the Aquarium de La Réunion, at Saint-Gilles, designed to take the visitor on a journey to the heart of the blue planet.  You’ll be able to attend a small lecture on the formation of the Reunionese coral reef.  Dine at the port of Saint-Gilles, and then return to your accommodation.   

The visit to Kélonia, a research institute dedicated to sea turtles, is a key part of your third day.  Located at the sea’s edge at Saint-Leu, you’ll also have the opportunity to admire the skill of the paragliders as they land on the white sand beach.

What could be better a few hours after lunch than to take a trip out to sea on a catamaran? The Cata Passion is a unique, majestic boat with top quality services – you might want to kayak, use a stand-up paddle or dive into the water in flippers, mask and snorkel: all the equipment is available, and you can also enjoy a spot of big game fishing.  As the day ends, indulge in an aperitif and snack, served at sunset. Free dinner or at the hotel.   

The fourth and final day is the climax of the trip:  Reunion seen from the skies in a paraglider! You’ll feel like a bird during the flight, surrounded by silence, softness and extreme sensation.  Take a walk around the market stalls before lunch, otherwise the Tour des Roches at Saint-Paul beckons.  The million colour market is a popular tourist destination where arts and craft items from Reunion and the entire Indian Ocean can be found.  The Tour des Roches is a peaceful place packed with history with the added bonus of the sound of running water, the songs of the birds and exotic vegetation including bamboo, coconut trees, papyrus plants and palm trees.