Charming places to stay

A top notch invitation

For a truly original experience

Are you after a top notch holiday, an unusual place to stay, sunshine, wellness, spectacular sites, exotic discoveries, a melting pot of cultures. Enjoy something different! On Reunion Island, everything is possible.
With accommodation to suit everyone's tastes you'll be free to relax and enjoy the change of scenery. Enjoy the charms of top notch accommodation for an unforgettable stay and the ultimate experience.

Seven places with the "Qualité Tourisme Île de La Réunion" label have been designated "Charming places to stay". These charming places to stay, in amazing locations, offer you a warm welcome with high standards and unique services.

Tranquil, friendly, comfortable, original, authentic, full of Creole charm - you are guaranteed to find peace and quiet and tailor-made services: 

These charming places to stay all have something particularly remarkable about them, be it their architecture, their environment, their high standards, their well appointed rooms or their atmosphere. You can choose to stay in a hotel, a guest house or a holiday cottage. Whatever your choice you're guaranteed to enjoy surprising and fascinating experiences stimulating all the senses: 
•    Sight, through the lighting, the décor, the exceptional scenery
•    Hearing, with the music, the sounds of the wildlife, the silence
•    Smell, with room fragrances, flower arrangements
•    Taste, with new flavours, inventive cuisine using top quality products
•    Touch, with different natural materials.
Indulge yourself and enjoy the "Charming places to stay" on Reunion Island: take a look at the brochure.