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The Piton Rouge and its King

claire rando

Meet Claire

Discover the most beautiful trails on Reunion in the present moment : enjoy nature intensely at each moment in time"

  • Reunion Island is Opening your heart in breathtaking landscapes
  • Your perfect day Getting up very early to walk in the mountains and enjoying the cool morning air, back down for a picnic by the lagoon and staying there until sunset
  • Your favourite place The Annettes waterfalls (in Grand Etang) at midday when the sun shines on them and a rainbow appears
  • Your passion Meditation and the mountains!
  • Your favourite dish Home-made guacamole with organic avocados from Reunion Island
  • Your favourite artist Kaloune
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When hiking meets meditation

Not far from the Maïdo, in the beautiful Tamarind forest, Claire awaits us this morning to discover a new activity: hiking and meditation. An innovative approach to hiking where you can combine the benefits of walking with those of meditation. A unique sensory experience.

It's a bit cloudy this morning but Claire is not worried: "We will be above the clouds, the weather will be perfect today!" and she's right. In a few minutes, under a finally radiant sun, our experienced guide explains today's activity to the small group of walkers.

We are going to learn to manage the external distractions on a hike to fully live in the moment in a profound way. Nothing mystical, just tips, advice about postures and time to chat to really understand how to walk, to concentrate on your sensations and fully enjoy the present moment.

Our hike begins on a wide path along a gentle slope in a forest covered with ferns. Claire soon gives us a few vital tips to get the best out of the hike: how to place your body when climbing, the importance of keeping your back straight, how to respond to pain. I very quickly sense that this hike will be unlike any other.

As we climb gradually, Claire invites us to (re)discover our 5 senses to reconnect with ourselves, more easily, in the present moment and enjoy it to the full. Consciously. Touch and the sensation of the ground under my feet, hearing and the noise of the wind stirring the highland tamarinds, smell with the smell of the volcanic earth heated by the sun. The group get on really well and we alternate between walking, breathing and meditation exercises.

Half way through, we sit for a few minutes on a rock with a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean for a group meditation.
We finally arrive at Piton Rough where we share our picnic together, in the shade of the Tamarind trees. From here, we have a complete view of the Tamarind forest and , behind us, we can see the peak of the rampart of the cirque of Cilaos. It is also an opportunity to discover the history of this place by visiting the caves of the "Marrons", the runaway slaves who sought refuge in the island's highlands and learn about the legendary King Phaonce.

In the kingdom of hiking, I leave this day with a new vision of walking in the countryside.

One thing is sure: when I next hit the trails of Reunion Island, I will happily apply Claire's advice.

A unique experience on the island
Get a meditation "toolbox" that you can use again and again in your everyday life
  A hike alternating walking meditation and still meditation sitting or standing in extraordinary scenery
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