Established in 2001, the "Tourism & Handicap" label aims to provide reliable, descriptive and objective information on the accessibility of tourist sites and facilities, taking into account the 4 types of disabilities (motor, mental, hearing and visual), and to develop a touristically appropriate offer.
It certifies the efforts of tourism professionals regarding the accessibility and reception of specific customers and guarantees an efficient welcome adapted to the indispensable needs of people with a disability.

But it is primarily a response to the request of people with a disability who want to choose their holidays, have fun, relax, travel alone, with family or friends, where they wish.
The labeling process is open to tourism professionals who wish to open their establishments or sites to the broad public: accommodation, restaurants, tourist sites, entertainment venues, reception and information areas.

In order to be certified, the structure or equipment must meet the criteria of the specifications Tourism and Handicap. The manager agrees by signing a charter once the certification is validated.

The visits systematically deal with the 4 handicaps, but the label may be granted for 2, 3 or 4 handicaps and for a period of 5 years! At the end of 5 years, the label is renewable by