Cilaos Wine

One of the only French wines produced in the Southern.

Cilaos wine is the mountain wine t

This grapevine grows on Reunion Island since the beginning of its colonisation. Certain founders of the "comptoirs de l'océan Indien" claim that « wheat from well-stocked spikes along with a very good grapevine are used to produce wine ». Until 1850 however, its location hadn't known any significant extension, confining itself to the downwind area between Saint-Paul and Saint-Denis.

Around 1860, the vine was introduced in Cilaos, but initially purely for its fruit: the grape "Vitis Labrusca", or "Isabelle". This variety has proven to be very well suited for the mild and dry climate of Cilaos, possessing a very strong resistance to diseases and a very high productivity. In 1915, under the impulse of father Teigny, the first vinification tests were performed.

Today, Cilaos wine is becoming more and more present on the Reunion Island tables. The owners of the winehouses are hoping to eventually develop around twenty hectacres of vineyards. As for the winery, a diverse range of wines is vinified and new products are examined. Its production of red, rosé, dry white and "primeur" wines was awarded with the "Vin de Pays" designation in 2004, making the vineyards of Cilaos the first European vineyards in the Southern Hemisphere.