Rooted in the heritage of Reunion Island, this culture stands for real tradition.
Champs de lentilles à Cilaos

The climate and geology of the cirque give it a special but much appreciated taste.

The lens of Cilaos is a type of lens that is cultivated on the island. As its name indicates, it is produced in the cirque of Cilaos.
Long before the electric treshing machine, harvesting was done using a "gol", a big bamboo stick used by planters to beat the lentils. As it became a tedious task, the stick was replaced by the electric treshing machines, but 10% of the harvesting is still carried out following this tradition.

Today, the crops reach an average of 50 tons a year. They supply the local market for now, especially the restaurants in Cilaos, where this delicious lentil, endemic to our island, is in high demand with the tourists.