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The Mafate Cirque

Cirque de Mafate vue du Cap Noir

Mafate is the only Cirque accessible on foot or by helicopter.

There are several inhabited villages, each one with numerous mountain hostels and host’s tables. Stay the night and experience the fairytale light of the new dawn. 

There are some small stores to stock up on basic provisions.

There are many access points – the walks are relatively easy and mean you can reach a village in about 2 hours: 

  • leaving from Salazie (the forestry road from Grand Ilet) will bring you to La Nouvelle, Marla, and l'Ilet à Bourse....
  • the starting points from the Maïdo or Sans-Souci (St Paul), Dos d'Ane or the Rivière des Galets (La Possession) lead to Cayenne, Ilet des Orangers and Roche Plate...
  • starting in Cilaos will take you to Marla (via the Col du Taïbit)...