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The Salazie Cirque

The most accessible and green of all the cirques

Cirque de Salazie île de La Réunion

Salazie is both the name of the cirque and the Commune, and includes several villages

Salazie is both the name of the cirque and the Commune, and includes several villages: Hell Bourg, Grand Ilet, Mare à Vieille Place ... Located twenty minutes from St André, it is the most accessible of the three cirques and certainly the greenest. Nature is abundant, with one waterfall after another as you drive in ("pisse en l'air", cascade blanche, Voile de la Mariée...) and others at the end of walks (source manouilh, source pétrifiante...). This cirque also provides access to Mafate via the forestry road from Grand Ilet (with supervised car parking) and then on foot to the various villages (la Nouvelle, Marla, Ilet à Bourse...).


  • the Voile de la Mariée waterfall and Cascade Blanche
  • Mare à Poule d'eau
  • gorge-walking at "trou blanc"
  • canyoning


Hell Bourg, classified as one of France’s most beautiful villages

  • Creole houses including the Maison Folio, open to the general public
  • the ruins of the old thermal spa
  • walks up to the Manouilh waterfall....


Grand Ilet

  • footpath called Ecole Normale leading to the viewpoint over Trou de fer


The Fédération de Stations Vertes (a network of 545 destinations of natural beauty) awarded the area of Salazie a Station Verte label in September 2013. The objective of the French Federation is to contribute to the organisation of tourism in the countryside and the mountains, by uniting the different Réunionese areas. The Federation checks the areas respect the conditions of their labels, and ensures the collective promotion of the labelled towns.

Find out more at www.stationverte.com