The Creole language

Add some spice with the Creole language
Case Créole

The Créole independently developed from the rural and maritime language of the southern and south-western french regions

The Creole spoken in Reunion evolved along with the island’s first settlers, with people from France, Madagascar, Africa and India… Their need to understand each other led to a language full of imagery.

Some Riddles, or, ‘ Kosa in chose’

To describe a burgeoning plant:
Le baba i mont le pwin son momon / le bébé montre le poing à sa maman 
The baby’s shows his mummy his fist


For a mushroom:
Ti moun, gran chapo / petit homme, grand chapeau 
Little chap, big hat


To describe a nut:
In kas lo serkey, i manz lo moun lé mor / On casse le cercueil, mais on mange le cadavre 
We break open the coffin, but we eat only the body inside


On writing and reading:
La min i sèm, lo zyé i ramas / la main sème et l’œil récolte 
The hand sows the seed, the eye reaps the corn


Expressions in Reunionese Creole:

  • Koman i lé ?
    How are you?
  • Léla
    I’m fine
  • Santé vié moun
  • Lé bon
  • Kwélafé ?
    What’s going on? What’s up?
  • Kosasa ?
    What is it?
  • Allons bouger
    Let’s go.
  • Sa mèm (mèm)
    That’s it.