The Creole spoken in Reunion evolved along with the island’s first settlers, with people from France, Madagascar, Africa and India… Their need to understand each other led to a language full of imagery.

Some Riddles, or, ‘ Kosa in chose’

To describe a burgeoning plant:
Le baba i mont le pwin son momon / le bébé montre le poing à sa maman 
The baby’s shows his mummy his fist


For a mushroom:
Ti moun, gran chapo / petit homme, grand chapeau 
Little chap, big hat


To describe a nut:
In kas lo serkey, i manz lo moun lé mor / On casse le cercueil, mais on mange le cadavre 
We break open the coffin, but we eat only the body inside


On writing and reading:
La min i sèm, lo zyé i ramas / la main sème et l’œil récolte 
The hand sows the seed, the eye reaps the corn


Expressions in Reunionese Creole:

  • Koman i lé ?
    How are you?
  • Léla
    I’m fine
  • Santé vié moun
  • Lé bon
  • Kwélafé ?
    What’s going on? What’s up?
  • Kosasa ?
    What is it?
  • Allons bouger
    Let’s go.
  • Sa mèm (mèm)
    That’s it.