Creole proverbs

The need to understand each other produced a pictorial language
Case Créole île de La Réunion

The spoken Creole language developed itself through settlement of the island by the French, Malagasy, Africans, Indians,...

Some Creole proverbs in Reunion Island

La lang na pwin le zo.
The tongue has no bones (Language has little value).

Goni vid i tyen pa debout.
An empty bag cannot stand (One doesn't last long on an empty stomach).

Fé pa la bou avan la pli.
You cannot make mud before the rain (Don't put the cart before the horse).

Kan i koz ek boukané, sosis res pandiyé.
When the smoked pork is adressed, the sausage remains on the hook (When talking to Jack, Paul does not interrupt).

Bondié i puni pa le roche.
God does not punish the stones (A misfortune only happens to he who deserves it).

Dann oui na pwin batay.
In Yes, there is no battle (It's easy to say yes to avoid discussion).

Gro poison i bèk si le tar.
The big fish bites late (Everything comes to those who wait).

I geyn le pus a fors frékant le sien.
He who sleeps with the dogs wakes up with flees (Bad company leads to bad habits).

An atendan, kabri i manz salad.
Meanwhile, the goat eats the lettuce (Without solution, a problem persists).

La pasians i géri la gal.
Patience heals scabies (One can cure everything with patience).

Na in zour i apèl demin.
Tomorrow will come (The wheel is spinning).

Fourmi i mars sous la tèr, domoun i koné.
Ants walk under the ground and everyone knows (A secret eventually comes out).

Zanfan i plèr pa i gyen pa tété.
A child who doesn't cry, won't get his milk (One must dare to ask what one wants).

Ou donn in pié, i pran le karo.
We give a plant and take your entire field (Give someone a hand and he'll take an arm).

Ti ash i koup gro bwa.
A small ax can chop a big log (With patience, one arrives everywhere).