A few tips when flying to Reunion

Check the flight duration when you buy your ticket
Etang Saint-Paul île de La Réunion

Have you chosen a family trip to Réunion ?

Check the flight duration when you buy your ticket

Some flights are not direct, and fly via some provincial towns (Marseilles, Nantes, Lyon, Toulouse...) or Maurice.


For babies

Book a cradle of course, and don’t forget to order the children’s menu which is served a few minutes before the rest of the passengers. Pushchairs can be brought on board at the last minute but will be stowed in the hold. Babies’ bottles are allowed on board, and are recommended during take-off and landing to help your baby cope with the difference in pressure.

For children

Chewing gum helps makes take-off and landing a lot easier. Some airlines have individual screens with games and cartoons, even in economy class. Sometimes the kids don’t even want to get off!

During the flight

Drink lots of water and move around the cabin… tights or support stockings can also help.