When a cyclone is approaching (December to April), listen out for news on the radio and follow all safety instructions.
There are three alert levels: cyclone vigilance, orange alert and red alert.
During orange alerts, do not go on any sea or mountain excursions, stockpile batteries, lamps and candles, tinned food and bottled water, books and board games!
During red alerts, you must stay indoors. Once the red alert is over, find out about the state of the roads before setting out anywhere (Inforoutes+33 (0)2 62 97 27 27 – in French only).
Do not touch fallen electric cables, do not drink tap water unless you have boiled it for at least 5 minutes, do not go into the mountains and do not cross submerged riffles or fords.

Useful numbers

Réunion Island has an excellent network of nurses, doctors, and well-equipped hospitals.
Emergency number: 112
Ambulance: 15
Fire brigade: 18
Météo France - La Réunion : Tél. 0892 680 808 (0,30 € TTC/min.) :
PGHM (Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne) : Tél. +262 (0)2 62 93 09 30
Reunion Island Tourism Board (IRT) :
Reunion Island's Information and Booking System : Tél. 0262 90 78 78 (coût d’un appel local), 7/7j :