Safe travel protocol for travelling to Reunion Island

Safe travel protocol for travelling to Reunion Island
On Monday 22nd June, exceptional reasons for travelling to overseas French territories were lifted. As borders are progressively opening at the moment, Reunion Island proposes safe travel protocol for travellers, to this destination.

Reunion Island Tourism provides safe travel protocol, available on all its digital platforms. 

This protocol is provided in seven steps, and includes the health measures set out by the French government, to ensure the safety of travellers coming to the ultimate island, as well as residents of Reunion Island. 


The steps of the safe travel protocol:
  1. Boarding at the airport in Paris;
  2. On the plane;
  3. Arrival at the airport;
  4. Vehicle hire;
  5. Accommodation welcome and check-in;
  6. Leisure activities;
  7. Restaurants.


A video to illustrate the safe travel protocol:

Find all the information about the safe travel protocol in the following documents.