Goal : lounging, wellbeing and hot sand
Détente ile de La Réunion

The pleasures of a relaxing swim in the lagoon, combined with the warm caress of the sun’s rays...

The pleasures of a relaxing swim in the lagoon, combined with the warm caress of the sun’s rays...
Although Réunion offers breathtaking panoramic views inland, it is also an island paradise along the coastline, ideal for relaxation with its white or black sand beaches fringed with coconut and casuarina trees... Saint-Leu, Saint-Gilles-les-Bains and Saint-Pierre: the marina, recreational harbour and fishing village hold irresistible appeal for hours of lounging and local culture! On Sundays, the creole picnics held on Réunion beaches are quite spectacular.

Island: the word alone fuels our dreams, where travelling evokes promises of beaches, sand, sea breezes and an unwavering sun... Réunion knows how to keep these promises and give you even more !

Perfect beaches

After enjoying the bustling marinas, recreational harbours and restaurants with their succulent cuisine overlooking the sea, the body tires... What a sweet luxury, to do nothing, if not enjoy a pleasant and tranquil swim in the lagoon and the gentle sun’s rays which turn you into an endormi, the creole word for a chameleon, known not only for its mimicry, but also for its long hours of immobility. Be careful not to forget that the Tropic of Capricorn is only 21° south of the island and to protect yourself accordingly !

It is time to go to the beaches between Boucan-Canot and Saint-Gilles-les-Bains. The tourism professionals made no mistake, since many hotels and a holiday resort have sprouted roots there. There is no shortage of travel offers, suited to all desires, to enjoy the holiday of your dreams.

Boucan-Canot, the island’s most popular beach, is ideal for spending hours testing the best positions for a beautiful tan! A few kilometres away, along the coastal road, the Saint-Gilles-les-Bains marina is lined with lovely shops and, at lunchtime, the sea scent mixed with creole spices is hard to resist. How wonderful it is to savour fish, a cari, good meat, and a cold local bear or péi (local) soda, just a few metres away from the sea! In the evening, after hours of swimming in the preserved, turquoise lagoon and relaxing on the beach, the pleasure is heightened when the restaurants light the wood fires: the dishes absorb the smoky scent, which excites the taste buds, while the flames put on a show to rival that of the sun, setting ablaze the ocean.

L’Ermitage and its white sand beach, located between Saint-Gilles-les-Bains and La Saline, invites you to rest on the backshore, in the shade of the casuarina trees, or to play in the clear lagoon water.

In Saint-Leu, the lagoon, surrounded by a coral reef, offers a wide stretch of white sand, mixed with touches of black volcanic sand, in the shade of the casuarina trees, just like the beaches of l’Ermitage, with shallow waters ideal for snorkelling: palm trees and snorkelling gear are mandatory!
In l'Etang-Salé, one of the island’s curiosities, the volcanic sand is black... This spot is ideal for taking beautiful and original photos.

In Saint-Pierre, in the south of the island, there is a lively family atmosphere thanks to the fishermen of the Terre-Sainte village: the beach bordering the lagoon is in the very city centre, protected by a reef.

And in Grand’Anse, there is sure to be a show every weekend: it is one of the locals’ favourite beaches for picnics. Forget about unimaginative sandwiches: a creole picnic includes cooking pots for rice and cari, marmailles (children) everywhere, gramounes (the elderly) on folding chairs and at least twenty people per family.

In a nutshell:  there is no need to rack your brain over the next holiday destination... Réunion and its beaches will be ready for you all year around !