Web série

Talented people tell Reunion Island

Remarkable and intense experiences.

Andrea Dabene, Antoine Bizet, Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, Chloé Gattison, Caroline Ciavaldini, Fran Giffard, Guillaume Néry, Kristin Frederick, Patrick Baud, Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun. Each week, we introduce you to another episode of our unique web series filmed in Reunion Island, which traces the footsteps of ten talented people as they take in some remarkable and intense experiences.

The island's spectacular landscapes, stunning biodiversity and a somewhat unusual history have enraptured the creative and innovative among them, while the most incredible flight, diving and climbing sites have been a haven for the sports devotees. The natural elements characterising every inch of this intense island have mesmerised the people featured in this web series, and provoked a range of unusually intense emotions. They have got to know the island, tamed it and let it sweep them off their feet.  Whether on land, in the air or under the sea, the passion that drives these people echoes right across the island’s ramparts.

From paragliders to freedivers, chefs to sportspeople, illustrators to photographers, and bloggers to authors, not to mention actors. All of them have their stories to tell. Take a trip into their world and discover Reunion Island as you’ve never seen it before!

Watch the web-series on the social networks of Reunion Island Tourism Board, Facebook, Youtube and reunion.fr

Broadcast: from Tuesday july 12, 1 episode a week!