Interview Andrea Dabene

Reunion Island is an island full of surprises

I loved everything there

 1.   Which places or experiences stuck out most during the shoot on Reunion Island?

The experience on the shoot which stood out most for me was the very first morning, when shooting started. We met at 5 o'clock in the morning and I joined the team by the swimming pool in Hotel LUX*****. I was quite nervous because I'd never done that before. The team was very welcoming, but I wasn't expecting so many people! I was quite impressed. The first scenes were quite difficult for me because I'm naturally shy, but the team made me feel really comfortable and everything went very well.
2.      What's your favourite memory from the shoot on Reunion Island?
My favourite memory from the shoot was at Niagara waterfall. Once again we all met up there very early. We were all tired, but the atmosphere was great. The team had planned a breakfast there and we all ate together. Just having this magnificent waterfall to ourselves was wonderful.
3.      What was the most surprising thing you discovered about Reunion Island?
The place that surprised me the most on Reunion Island was Maïdo. It's a magnificent place under the mist. Everything is different over there, far away from the beaches and the heat: it's like you're on another island.
4.      Why would you recommend Reunion Island to your friends?
Reunion Island is an island full of surprises. The landscape, the food, the people, I loved everything there, especially the beauty of nature.