Antoine Bizet


His talent for acrobatic figures

Antoine Bizet is a young free-rider from France, competing regularly for several years now. He first started mountain biking in the woods outside Versailles with his brother and soon learned a few figures. Within the year he was pulling off back flips, and had mastered double back flips another year later. Once he had passed his baccalaureate, he focussed on cycling. Famed for his no-handed double back flip at the FMB World Tour, he has won many mountain biking medals. His talent for acrobatic figures earned him a part in the film "Addicted to Life", the 2014 Nuit de la glisse, and the creation of his own Web series over 2 years "From Bizet with Love" showing him training, gearing up and going about daily life.

Nationality: French
Profession: Professional free-rider
Titles: Runner-up in the 2012 Red Bull Rampage - Winner of the 2012 Happy Ride
 Distinctive feature: No-handed double back flip
Hobbies: Mountain biking, nature, travelling and surfing
Quotable quote: "I'd say we're stronger together. Mountain biking is still a relatively young sport, there are very few clubs, so it's hard to move forward alone."

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