Chloé Gattison

Fashion and lifestyle blogger

"La Penderie de Chloé"

Chloé Gattison is a bubbly young fashion and lifestyle blogger from Bordeaux, and a Web editor with a free-lancer status. She started her blog "La Penderie de Chloé" in 2010, posting daily about her take on fashion. She eschews red-carpet finery and glitter yet has an eye for affordable elegance. She recounts her day outfits, travels, favourite apparel and whims day after day, enjoying considerable popularity on the Net. When she's not hanging out on social media or her blog, she's out running and enjoying other outdoor sports, as frequently mentioned in her blog. Chloé Gattison has been a rising star for 6 years in the blogging world and has no intention of giving up. 

Nationality: French
Profession: Blogger
Her Blog: "La Penderie de Chloé"
Distinctive feature: She doesn't draw her inspiration from fashion shows, stars or trends. She has a very simple style reflecting her personality and daily life.
Hobbies: Sport, travelling and blogging
Quotable quote: "I love anything colourful, bubbly and feminine so if you give me a yellow coat, asequinned dress and silvery pumps, I'm obviously over the moon".
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