Interview Chloé Gattison

For all my sporting friends, who love hiking and nature

Go for it! Reunion Island is quite simply a little bit of paradise

1.      Which places or experiences stuck out most during the shoot on Reunion Island?

My report was focused on lifestyle and fashion, so I would say that my most unusual experience was the scene with the transparent canoe on the lagoon. I thought it was a really interesting idea, especially because we filmed this sequence with a drone. I only saw the images a year later but it was well worth the wait! The images were even more beautiful than I had imagined. A little anecdote about the shoot: to film this section I had to paddle for more than two hours in the blazing sun. Not only did that get my arms, but what's more, I got quite sunburnt. The things I do for my job *laughter*!

2.       What's your favourite memory from the shoot on Reunion Island?

My favourite memory of the shoot is the last scene with the fruit and vegetable growers. The team and I were made to feel at home by the growers who had hearts of gold and wanted to show us how they work. I really felt that they were passionate about their job, as well as being beautiful people. And of course, how can your eyes and taste buds fail to be seduced by such a beautiful display of fruit and vegetables? I'll remember all these colours and flavours for a long time!

3.      What was the most surprising thing you discovered about Reunion Island?
Real diversity, in both the culture and the landscape. After the shoot I stayed on for a while with my friend who's a mountain guide and we just loved it. The hike that stood out the most for me was Piton des Neiges, my first climb to more than 3,000 meters. What a view from the summit. The most surprising thing is to be able to get from the mountains to the sea in such a short time. After a good hike, what better than a splash about in the lagoon? I also made my first paragliding flight in Saint Leu. Some big "firsts" that I will remember forever.

4.       Why would you recommend Reunion Island to your friends?

For all my sporting friends, who love hiking and nature: Go for it! Reunion Island is quite simply a little bit of paradise.
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