Guillaume Néry


Free-diving world record holder.

Guillaume Néry is the French free-diving champion and a multiple free-diving world record holder. He can dive 125 metres below the surface with a single breath. When he's off the podium, he travels the world with his SO writing, shooting and directing films like "Free Fall" and "Ocean Gravity". "Les films engloutis" casts a fresh, poetic, artistic look on his discipline. The free-diver recently took a leading role in a video clip by Beyoncé and Naughty Boy "Runnin’ (Lose It All)" combining acting skills with technical performance to create an underwater love scene. He also teaches at the Nice diving school CIPA.

Nationality: French
Profession: Professional free-diver
Titles: Four world records since 2002
Member of the winning team at the world free-diving championship in 2008
Currently holder of the French free-diving record (-125 metres)
Distinctive feature: In 2002, he was the youngest free-diving record breaker in the world, diving 87 metres
Hobbies: Diving, video
Quotable quote: "First you have to forget the figures and the stopwatch and just focus on sensations. Free-diving is a sensational sport that's all about well-being. Go aquatic!"

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