Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

Professional paraglider

Specialising in acrobatics

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, a French professional paraglider and paragliding pilot specialising in acrobatics. He designs paragliding wings, and directs films to record his road trips for posterity, homing in on contact between the air and other elements against a magnificent backdrop. He is always ready to take up new challenges. The adventurer has created a new discipline in paragliding, involving flying less than 150 metres from the ground and letting his feet graze the topography. 

Nationality: French
Profession: Professional paraglider
Hit videos: "Touch", "Urban Side"
Distinctive feature: Landing at 30 kph on a moving bus- Invented low flying
Hobbies: Video, trampolining and slack-lining
Quotable quote: "My aim is to show people, especially those who don't do paragliding, what it's all about. To tell them they can fly if they want to!"

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