Kristin Frederick


A lorry, hamburgers, fresh produce

Kristin Frederick is a Californian chef who trained at the French School of Culinary Arts Ferrandi. She pioneered the Parisian Food Truck phenomenon and has been developing her "Camion qui fume" (smoking lorry) concept since 2009. This mobile restaurant combining Street Food to take away with top-notch cuisine prepared by chefs has enjoyed runaway success; Parisians queue for up to 2 hours at times. The trucks serve 150 meals in one"sitting"  with one hamburger cooked every minute. A lorry, hamburgers, fresh produce, a pinch of social networks and the wheel is set in motion. She is brimming with original, diverse ideas, like a popcorn bar, to establish her business in the streets of Paris. 

Nationality:  American
Profession: Chef
Distinction: Fooding Guide Honour Prize at the Camion qui fume in 2013
Distinctive feature: She used to work in finance then dropped out for a career in cooking.
Hobbies: Cooking, travelling
Quotable quote: " I realised money can't make me happy. I wanted to love my work and feel excited about it. »

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