Slimane Baptiste Berhoun

Actor, screenplay writer, producer, author and director

Parody videoclips, web series...

Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun is a total film buff wearing several hats: actor, screenplay writer, producer, author and director to name but a few. Alone or with others, such as the Frenchnerd team, he has directed parody videoclips, web series and films like "La Théorie des Balls" broadcast on YouTube or TV, and took part in shooting Golden Moustache, from the Golden Show, and domestic disputes. 

Nationality: French
Profession: Actor
Roles in:"Le Visiteur du Futur", "La Meute", "J’ai jamais su dire non"
Distinctive feature: He and his team shot the series "La Théorie des Balls" in just ten days.
Hobbies: Video, film, theatre and writing
Quotable quote: "I love the freedom to explore absolutely everything and being wholly absorbed by the project. I have always thoroughly enjoyed writing. »

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