Interview Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun

One day, I'll be shooting in Reunion Island !

It's a promise !

1.Which places or experiences stuck out most during the shoot on Reunion Island?

Any time you think you're done being impressed, you get another stunning view. I remember the superb, enormous waves crashing on the black rocks near the Sud Sauvage, and the mineral desert around the lava flows, a surreal impression of finding yourself on some other planet! 

2.      What's your favourite memory from the shoot on Reunion Island?

I actually found out about the Creole poem during the shooting. I had already read it and made some deductions, although I was far from understanding it all. When you understand a language, you understand a way of thinking. Translating the text made me feel like I was hunting for a treasure trove, getting a privileged insight into the lives of Reunion islanders through their own eyes! 

3.      What was the most surprising thing you discovered about Reunion Island?

I think I've cracked the reason why it's called Reunion Island. I have seen people of all origins living together, it's uplifting! People of all colours, even in the same family, different religions on each street corner, in a spirit of benevolence and respect for all: a great source of optimism for humankind. 

4.      Why would you recommend Reunion Island to your friends? 

I would recommend it as a treat for your eyes, ears, taste buds, heart and spirit. Eyes: for the ever-changing scenery, including rainforest, savannah and desert. It's a never-ending feast for your eyes. Ears: because Creole is a musical languages, music festivals abound, Anis lives here (I'm a huge Anis fan). Even at night, the waves provide a musical backdrop. taste buds: for vanilla, flavoured rum, lentils, bouchons and rougail! heart: because the people make you feel welcome, quite simply. spirit: yes, it's an uplifting place, fuelling my creative flair as an author and director. One day I'll shoot a film here, this is something I've promised myself!