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Encounter the underwater world

Of Reunion Island
Did you know ?

It’s possible to go diving all year round on Reunion Island! During the austral summer, the temperature of the water can reach 27 degrees, and the waters are brimming with life. During the austral winter, your underwater experience will be accompanied by the soft calls of the whales!

Dive into the waters of Reunion Island

Reunion Island is one of the top destinations for diving and we can see why! With the clear waters, shipwrecks and seabed brimming with life, Reunion Island is a top destination for diving.
The Reunion Island Natural Marine Reserve, created in 2007, ensures the protection of a big part of the coral reef on the west coast of the island.
On a diving experience here, you’ll be able to see colourful fish, dolphins, turtles, as well as having front row seats to the majestic ballet of the whales… A magical moment that you will never forget.

Your tip !


For your diving experience on Reunion Island, why not try the underwater hiking expedition! You’ll be able to explore a lagoon, well-known for its superb underwater landscape, accompanied by a guide. An opportunity to discover the beauty of this remarkable biodiversity.


Where can you go diving on Reunion Island ?

The ideal diving checklist

Mask e Snorkel
Diving air tank e Buoyancy compensator
Diving regulator