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The most beautiful beaches

Of Reunion Island

Come and discover the most beautiful beaches of Reunion Island

With 30 km of white or black sandy beaches and 22 km of lagoon, all particularly well preserved, Reunion Island has very varied coastlines, great for nature walks and swimming.

Where can you go swimming on Reunion Island ?

Due to the particularly abundant marine wildlife, swimming, water sports and diving are forbidden within a perimeter of 300 m around the Reunion Island coastlines. The Reunion Island lagoons are protected by a coral reef.

However, there are special swimming areas that are safe and with lifeguards, much to the joy of those looking to enjoy the waves:

Did you know ?

Boucan Canot and Roches Noires beaches were equipped with nets in 2019 and they stay in the water permanently. They are only removed in the event of dangerous weather events such as a heavy swell or a cyclone.

Checklist for enjoying

The most beautiful beaches of Reunion Island

Relax on the warm sand, in the shade of the coconut trees or casuarinas…
An exceptional place for an afternoon nap in a picture-perfect setting.

Appreciate the peace-and-quiet of the lagoon and try out some new water sports (transparent kayak, stand-up paddle, sailing, etc.).

Admire the colourful fish of the Natural Marine Reserve and dive into the underwater depths of Reunion Island.

Let the gentle winds carry you and take the time to enjoy the sunset over the Indian Ocean, from one of the beach restaurants.

Play beach-volleyball or petanque on the beach and enjoy an impromptu picnic lunch with friends on the grass, in the shade of the casuarinas.

Walk along the coastal path

Good to know

The temperature of the water ranges between 22 and 30 degrees on Reunion Island, depending on the season.
Swimming areas comply with European standards and the Blue Flag label which is proof of the quality of the environment on the beaches of Saint-Paul.