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Lagoon and marine reserve

Immersion in the lagoon!


 The Reunion Island lagoon is surrounded by a coral reef and is one of the treasures of the Land of Light. It is a tropical dreamland for the whole family thanks to the turquoise-blue waters, the fact that it stretches a vast 22km and that it is not very deep (around 2m). Facing the ocean, the wide choice of activities on offer here make it the perfect getaway, ranging from relaxing experiences to the more extreme. Flip flops, bikini, paddles or tuba, everyone brings their own essentials to the lagoon.

To do nothing: an art in itself !

Before diving into the water, we warm up with a strenuous sunbathing session on the sandy beach. Sunglasses and straw sun hat on, some will pick up where they left off the day before in their book, others will simply let the breeze brush over them, through the casuarinas of the Ermitage.  Nearby, the children are sipping a glass of fresh mango juice.

 A towel, sun cream and a swimsuit: everything you need to spend a morning in the Reunion sun. Alone or with your other half, you can work on your suntan while chatting about the superb surroundings. With the scent of monoi and hot sand in the air, this is what a holiday is all about…

Doing nothing is also about letting go! We let go and take a deep breath while enjoying a massage on the crystal-clear waters of the lagoon in La Saline. In the expert hands of a masseuse, you can literally feel the stress being lifted, and the surroundings become blurred. An intense moment of ultimate relaxation in the Land of Light.

 Once your batteries have been thoroughly recharged, we can’t wait any longer for a dip in the 27° waters of the Reunion Island lagoon. On the horizon, the sky and ocean merge to form a vast blue territory. The whole family will enjoy the water and this perfect setting is the ideal place for some quality time together.

Explore the secret world of Reunion Island’s Natural Marine Reserve

Let’s explore the barrier reef. We are far out at sea but still within the perimeter of Reunion Island’s Natural Marine Reserve which stretches 40km along the coastlines of Cap La Houssaye, Saint-Paul, La Roche aux Oiseaux, and to the Etang Salé. This is the kingdom of the cetaceans. On the boat, everyone is in awe of the majestic humpback whales who are migrating and pass quite close to the Reunion Island coastlines during the austral winter. A bit further out to sea, the dolphins are playfully keeping the recreational boaters entertained. Watching these superb mammals in the wild is something that we will never forget.

 Do you want to go a little deeper? An exceptionally rich world awaits you underneath the surface of the Indian Ocean. A deep-sea diving experience will take you into the depths of this magical, yet fragile ecosystem. From the secret caves of Boucan Canot, to the flamboyant corals at the Cap La Houssaye, this experience of total weightlessness swimming alongside triggerfish, stingrays and sea turtles will leave you enchanted.

 For children or those who don’t want to venture too deep, at the lagoon you can see some superb multi-coloured tropical fish, equipped with your snorkelling gear.  From Ermitage to Saline, snorkelling is a completely free-of-charge, accessible, fun and family-friendly activity that the whole family will never forget.