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Intensely authentic

The Reunion approach to living together as one
between tradition and modernity, experience Reunion Island without moderation !

Reunion Island is a land of variety, where you can find a diversity of cultures reflecting a rich history and illuminating the daily life in La Réunion. The island’s population is the result of a unique mixture of Asian, Indian, African and European cultures living together in perfect harmony, becoming ever more enriched.

As a testimony to this colourful heritage, Sega and Mayola – traditional genres of music on the island – have been listed as intangible world heritage by UNESCO. Even today, the rhythm of this music livens up the warm evenings on Reunion Island.

There are tours available to discover the island’s cultural heritage: Hindu temples, hundred-year-old churches and Chinese pagodas are a daily reminder of the multiple influences of the way-of-life on Reunion Island. Likewise, the events’ calendar is an endless source of surprising events steeped in distant traditions, that have been preserved throughout the years.






Reunion Island, a French island with Créole charm

Reunion Island is a kaleidoscope of magnificent landscapes and also cultures. Reunion Island is an exemplary melting pot, and the key values of the island are respect, kindness and sharing.

Here, different cultures and religions live together in perfect harmony: you can expect a warm welcome, smiles all round, new discoveries and flavours from all over the world.

Reunion Island is an overseas French department and visitors are invited to come and discover the origins of the Créole culture, by visiting the magnificent colonial dwellings, multicoloured houses decorated with valances, historic monuments, museums and gardens.

A palette of lifestyles

The locals of Reunion Island live by their cultural expression, a blend of different faiths, where everyone can get back to their roots, through their beliefs and their cuisine for example. As you explore the island, admire the churches that peacefully coexist next to Hindu temples, mosques, and Chinese pagodas, as a symbol of the many civilisations that have settled here.

The people of Reunion Island have developed the art of living together in harmony and one of the most beautiful symbols of this way of living is the shared celebration of Christian, Tamil and Chinese religious holidays. The Créole language also adds a certain charm to this colourful population, even if French is still the official language.

It is a language of mixed cultures, with surprising words and expressions, full of imagery and often delectable. Traditional and modern music is performed on the stages across Reunion Island, and each genre shares the Créole culture. This music groups together the various influences of the island, with sega, maloya and similar variations, jazz, rock or reggae, all offering surprising rhythms.

Colourful flavours

The creativity of Reunion Island cuisine is a testimony to the many ethnic groups and cultures represented here. Each region is proud of its specialities and culinary traditions: Cilaos lentils, Salazie Chouchou, Saint-Joseph turmeric, the palm of the Wild South, vanilla from Saint-Philippe… Producers will welcome you to their humble estates and will be delighted to share their passion and expertise with you.

Come on a culinary journey with us! Local gastronomy is full of European, Chinese, Indian and Malagasy influences that will take your taste buds on a voyage of flavours and spicy scents. The cuisine of Reunion Island has created its very own traditions: Rice, grains and rougail, the trilogy of traditional Reunion Island cuisine, that is always served with a “cari”. The restaurants, gîtes and inns guarantee top-quality services, for a mouth-watering stay on this island, guaranteed.