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To the rhythm of Creole music on Reunion Island



We all know about the beauty of the volcanic landscapes and culinary delights of Reunion Island, but the strong cultural and musical identity is also worth a mention !

The origins of Reunion Island’s music

Music is a key part of the soul of Reunion “Péi” music, dance shows or world music, Reunion Island takes inspiration from the various cultures across the Indian Ocean. The towns of Reunion vibrate to the rhythm of Sega or Maloya, the two main musical genres on the island.

Over the years, the music of Reunion has developed and transformed to now include European sounds (French pop music, electro-fusion, rock, reggae, etc.).

Where can we listen to music on Reunion Island ?

The real question should be where can’t you hear it! Music is all around you across the ultimate island! Come to the show venues, festivals, “rondavelles” (bandstands), or “kabars” (celebrations) and let the Creole beats take over.


Did you know ?

Since 2009, Maloya has been listed as Intangible World Cultural Heritage by Unesco.

Discover the traditional musical instruments of Reunion Island

Reunion Island folklore is rich! The musical instruments of Reunion Island have been heavily influenced by the cultures of the Indian Ocean, and you can easily recognise the different sounds, such as:

  • The roulèr (a low drum)
  • The kayamba (a flat rattle)
  • The djembé (african drum)
  • The pikèr (bamboo cylinder that is hit with two sticks)
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