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The wildlife of Reunion Island

Tropical fauna and flora

Reunion Island is a land with a tropical climate, with very particular flora and fauna… Still now, scientists and passionate volunteers often discover new plant and animal species! On land, in the ocean or in the skies, come and see for yourself the plants and animals that are the heart and soul of the ultimate island…

Did you know ?

You can wander along the footpaths of Reunion Island with no worries as there are no dangerous venomous animals on the island !

Head for the skies with the birds of Reunion Island

Reunion Island is heaven on earth for our feathered friends, and so there are numerous species of birds here (including a dozen endemic species). Even though today, a number of them are endangered species, they were the very first settlers on Reunion Island!
Throughout your stay on the island, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a Reunion cuckooshrike in Belouve forest, a pretty tropicbird, an iconic bird of Reunion Island, the Barau’s petrel or the Audubon’s shearwater, two species that have managed to adapt to human presence on the island.

Recognise the land animals of Reunion Island

The terrestrial wildlife of Reunion Island is not necessarily among the richest in terms of mammals, but there are however plenty of different species. From the majestic land turtles to the very shy green geckos or the many species of lizards, you’ll mostly encounter reptiles while hiking on Reunion Island.

Set off on a discovery of the wildlife of Reunion Island with Geoffrey

The marine wildlife of Reunion Island

The coral reef around Reunion Island may be very young in planet terms, but it is teeming with life! Corals and fish thrive here among the lava flows. The ocean is of course the best place to come and observe various cetaceans who meander about the Indian Ocean: whales and dolphins can be seen quite easily from a boat! It’s also a great opportunity to admire the magnificent sea turtles that can be more difficult to approach.

Recommendations for protecting the wildlife of Reunion Island

  • Do not pick wild flowers
  • Pick up your own waste or opt for a zero-waste picnic
  • Do not stroke wild animals
  • Avoid leaving the marked footpaths, you could venture into a protected area
  • Do not camp in unauthorised areas
Don't leave like this !

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