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Explore Reunion Island from the skies: paragliding

Paragliding on Reunion Island: a longstanding history

The very first flight took place in 1984. John Jourdain accompanied by Jean-Claude Bétemps and Gérard Bosson, the inventors of paragliding, took to the skies of Reunion for their very first flight.

They fell in love with the island and decided to open a paragliding school here!

The flying and weather conditions on Reunion Island make it one of the greatest places for paragliding. Today, there are more than 600 members of paragliding clubs and 70 freeflight sites on the island. Beginner and experienced paragliders can fly here 300 days a year, to admire the whole island from the skies. From the lagoon to the volcano, across the lush green hills, the spectacular landscapes of Reunion Island from the skies will leave you with some unforgettable memories!

The paragliding take-off spots of Reunion Island

Where can I get a paragliding introductory session on Reunion Island?

Fly your own paraglider, Fly with the tropicbirds

How old do you need to be for an introductory paragliding session ?

There are several paragliding schools on Reunion Island offering “Marmailles” flights from the age of 3. Your children can get their first flying experience in tandem, accompanied by a qualified instructor.

5 reasons to go paragliding on Reunion Island:

1. Catch a glimpse of the dolphins and/or whales in the lagoon
2. Explore the island’s highlands and some inaccessible areas
3. Take advantage of the island’s perfect climate to be able to fly any day of the year
4. Get an intense experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life
5. Fly over some one-of-a-kind landscapes
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