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Local events

The island’s must-dos

Just like the volcano and the perpetual mixing of cultures, Reunion Island is constantly active. All year round, this local history and unique culture is celebrated with a host of events held across the entire island. With sports competitions, religious ceremonies, commemorations and festivals of every nature, there’s always an excuse to meet the locals and share a moment of togetherness.

Cultural events

At the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, Reunion Island is a place where harmony reigns among people of different cultures. The island is a haven that thrives on the different influences and uses them to create a unique atmosphere. The traditions and customs brought by each community have shaped Reunion’s culture as we know it today. This atmosphere of openness and tolerance is especially present during cultural events.

Be they religious, commemorative or traditional, there’s room for them all in this welcoming island. 

Sporting events

A true natural gem where primal forests meet cirques and lagoons, Reunion Island flaunts a whole diversity of incredible scenery. The island’s singular geographical characteristics, volcanic mountains and rugged coastline make it a perfect playground for every sports enthusiast or adrenalin seeker. Competitions like the Grand Raid attract runners from across the world year after year. This extreme trail race is also a time of celebration for all the residents. Those who don’t wear their running shoes can encourage the participants and admire their feats while enjoying a local beverage or a delicious Creole dish.

Island news

From North to South, from the coast to the mountains, Reunion Island is in perpetual movement! So to find out what’s happening on the island, best keep up to speed with the island’s news.

What’s on in Reunion ?

Religious ceremonies, concerts, festivals, art & craft markets, sports competitions… The island hosts events galore throughout the year. To make sure you don’t miss out, we recommend you keep an eye on the Reunion Island events calendar.