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Webcam Boucan Canot Beach live

Webcam panoramique en HD sur la plage Boucan Canot en direct

The Webcam offers a 180-degree panoramic view in HD (High Definition) almost live over one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Reunion Island, the beach of Boucan-Canot in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains in the commune of Saint-Paul.
At the beginning of the panorama, in the distance, the cliff of Cap Homard, as well as the long beach without any coral reef, come and enjoy the ocean’s turquoise shades and take full advantage of this setting so perfect for relaxation, sun-bathing and beach sports such as beach-tennis and beach volleyball.
To the north at the end of the panorama, you can enjoy a view of the natural pool of volcanic rocks laid out and supervised so you can swim with your children.
Numerous restaurants offer you lunch, dinner, a drink or an ice cream on the terrace facing the ocean, a magical place at sunset.

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