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Maido, the balcony of Reunion Island

The Piton Maido offers one of the most spectacular views over the Cirque of Mafate: At an altitude of 2,190 metres !

Maïdo access 

The Maïdo forest road and viewpoint are reopening on Friday 5th March 2021. Take a revitalising trip to one of the island’s most beautiful viewpoints.

Closed last November after the forest fires, the Maïdo panoramic viewpoint will again be open to the public. This magnificent viewpoint of Reunion Island has undergone two months of work to make the site safe again. Safety barriers have been reinstalled and warning beacons and information panels have been added to make people aware of the situation, the potential danger and the temporary nature of the installations.

This natural site is a balcony overlooking Reunion Island. You’ll have a remarkable view over the Cirque of Mafate and the west coast of the island, lined with superb beaches. The Piton Maido on Reunion Island is a must-see, to be able to take in all the beauty of the island in one go.

Reunion Island is a mountainous island in the Indian Ocean, offering some absolutely fantastic panoramic views… The Piton Maidois in the highlands of Saint-Paul, and from up there, you’ll have a spectacular panoramic view of the Cirque of Mafate and the protected natural environment there. It is home to a number of îlets (small villages) and the locals will welcome you with open arms. The Cirque of Mafate can only be accessed on foot or by helicopter, for emergencies and exceptional cases! It’s therefore a great privilege to be able to look over this area from its high cliffs.

Good to know

This natural site is accessible by car

Enjoy the panoramic view of the west coast of Reunion Island

Standing at an altitude of 2,190 metres, the Piton Maido on Reunion Island is the perfect observation post. It also overlooks the west coast of Reunion Island, the superb white sandy beachesand lagoon protected by the coral reef. To make sure the clouds don’t spoil the view for you, it’s better to visit the Maido early in the morning… The road up there is accessible to cars and you’ll be driving through a beautiful forest of tamarinds, a great place for a picnic.

Experience Feedback

Piton du Maido: an unforgettable walk

Head to the clouds up at the top of the Piton Maido

If you arrive at the Piton Maido a bit later in the day, the clear view of Reunion Island is replaced with a whole other spectacle: a fascinating sea of clouds with the warm Reunion sun reflecting off them. Wisps, veils or cotton balls… there are 10 different types of clouds depending on the altitude. How many of them do you know ?

From the highest to the lowest:

  1.  Cirrus
  2.  Cirrocumulus
  3.  Cirrostratus
  4.  Altocumulus
  5.  Altostratus
  6.  Stratocumulus
  7.  Stratus
  8.  Cumulus
  9.  Nimbostratus
  10.  Cumulonimbus
Did you know ?

Bénare comes from the Malgache word Bénara which means “very cold place”. Make sure you take warm clothes!